Orthodontic care can greatly impact how your child’s mouth develops. For example, if your child struggles with an overbite or underbite, this can lead to lasting speech issues throughout their life. However, you can use teeth expanders to combat this problem before it has an impact.

Fortunately, getting teeth expanders for children isn’t a problem every parent must face. This orthodontic treatment only applies to select groups of children. However, this guy didn’t help determine if your child would benefit from this treatment.

Please continue reading to learn if your child would benefit from teeth expanders. Getting this oral treatment from a pediatric orthodontist while they’re still young could be beneficial.

What are Teeth Expanders?

Sometimes, children just don’t have enough room in their mouths to accommodate all of their teeth. This problem is much more common than parents realize and can lead to plenty of tooth pain if parents don’t act quickly.

Teeth expanders are a common treatment orthodontists use to make more space for teeth to grow. This treatment can initially sound intimidating, but it’s common and safe for children. Hopefully, learning more about this mouth retainer will help you feel at ease at your next orthodontist appointment.

When To Consult an Orthodontist for Teeth Expanders

Not every child needs teeth expanders, but plenty of them would benefit from this treatment. Watch out for these signs and consult your orthodontist about getting a pallet expander for your child if you notice these problems.

  • Your child has crowded teeth
  • Your child has a crossbite
  • Your child has impacted teeth
  • Your child experiences toothaches

If your child struggles with any of these problems, getting them to eat properly could be difficult because the pain can get unbearable. Your orthodontist can also tell you about other treatments for these problems, such as kids’ braces so that your child receives proper care.

If you’re unsure whether an orthodontist or dentist would be better, you can visit your dentist first. They will examine your child’s teeth and refer you to the proper specialist. For example, if your child struggles with toothaches due to cavities, they will treat that at a dental office instead of through orthodontic treatment.

Common Ages for Teeth Expanders

There is a huge window of time for parents to get teeth expanders for their children. However, we recommend getting these expanders as soon as you notice a problem to combat further issues. Most adolescents get teeth expanders anywhere between the age of 5 and 16.

Even though you can get teeth expanders for your children in their teens, it would be best to complete this treatment before they have all their adult teeth. The sooner you get a pallet expander for your child, the more likely they will avoid elements like crossbite and crooked teeth as they age.

If your child is already a teenager and you just now noticed a need for teeth expanders, you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your teenager to a pediatric orthodontist to receive teeth expanders. These professionals will walk you through the process so you feel confident and your child reaps as many benefits as possible.

Difference Between Kid Braces and Teeth Expanders

More often than not, if your child needs teeth expanders, they also likely need braces. However, these treatments have different effects on your child’s oral development.

  • Teeth expanders make room in your mouth: Orthodontists use teeth expanders to create more room in your child’s mouth. This is usually the pretreatment of braces because you need room to correct the smile.
  • Braces straighten your teeth: it’s important to remember that teeth expanders will not straighten your child’s teeth, but they can play a huge role in correcting problems. However, you will need braces or aligners after enough room is created in the mouth to perform a straining job.
  • Braces fill in the gaps: after your child completes teeth expander treatment, there’s likely going to be plenty of gaps between these teeth. This is where braces come in. Your child’s braces will straighten the teeth where they’re supposed to be.

Your pediatric orthodontist will tell you everything you need about a teeth expander and other oral treatments your child might need. It’s common for children to require multiple treatments on their mouth to correct crossbite and other problems.

Signs Your Kid Needs Teeth Expanders

It can be hard for parents to acknowledge when it’s time to take their child to an orthodontist. Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment isn’t cheap if parents don’t have dental insurance coverage. However, it’s worthwhile if you notice any signs indicating your child would benefit from teeth expanders or braces.

  • Your child has a hard time eating
  • Your child sucks their thumb
  • Your child complains about toothaches
  • Your child complains about headaches
  • Your child complains about their jaw hurting
  • Your child has noticeably crowded teeth
  • Your child has teeth out of place
  • Your child breathes out of their mouth instead of their nose

If you notice any of these problems, we recommend you visit a pediatric orthodontist for further information. A professional can let you know whether or not teeth expanders are the correct treatment for your child or if they would benefit from another treatment. These specialists know what to look for and which treatments work best for specific ailments.

Going too long without treating these problems could cause eating and speaking issues for your children. In addition, they will have to deal with the pain while going about their daily business. Having oral problems like crooked teeth can also harm your child’s self-esteem.

Final Thoughts

The only way to know for sure that your child would benefit from teeth expanders is to visit an orthodontist. These specialists can direct you to the proper treatment for your child’s oral health so that they don’t have to deal with these problems.

Ask your dental insurance provider about coverage to ensure that getting teeth expanders fits within your budget. Pay attention to your child’s oral health, so they feel comfortable and confident as they age.

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