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orthodontics for seniors

What to Know About Orthodontics for Seniors Ages 65+

Many people associate orthodontic care with teenagers, but everybody, including senior citizens, could benefit from these procedures. Orthodontics for seniors 65 plus is not as common as many believe. It’s never too late to work on getting a healthy and happy smile. If you’re looking for a place that gives braises to adults over 50, […] Read More

pediatric orthodontists

A Full Guide to Choosing Pediatric Orthodontists in NJ

Choosing a pediatric orthodontist can be an overwhelming experience because you want the best for your child. Although there are plenty of pediatric orthodontists in NJ, that doesn’t mean they will all give you the experience your child deserves. The experience you give your child at an orthodontist’s office translates into their adult life and […] Read More

dentist pediatric

7 Markers of a Trustworthy Pediatric Dentist

Finding a pediatric dentist to help your child with their oral health concerns can be a stressful experience at first. It would be best if you had someone willing to work with your child and keep them comfortable during their appointment. Finding a bad dentist for your child can affect how they perceive dental visits. […] Read More

Crossbite Teeth

8 Symptoms of a Crossbite in Your Teeth

Crossbite is a misalignment of your teeth that causes your top teeth to fit inside your bottom teeth when you close your mouth. This huge dental hygiene concern can cause great pain when you leave it untreated. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can reverse crossbite and minimize your dental pain. Crossbite is an […] Read More

palatal expander

Do Your Teeth Need a Palatal Expander?

Not everyone needs a palatal expander. They are usually for people that have a narrow palate. This is due to skeletal issues. A palatial expander is necessary in these cases so that you can have a correct bite. You will need to have this either with braces or before braces. Braces will fix your teeth […] Read More

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