Braces are one of the most important decisions you will ever make whether it’s for yourself or your children. When done correctly, braces can be pain-free and give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

When not done well though, braces can be left on your teeth for much longer than you anticipated. You might also experience pain in between appointments or you will not be satisfied with the final result.

If you or someone in your family is considering getting braces, contact Bordentown Braces in New Jersey. We have all the technology and services you need to get an amazing smile. We know the importance of braces and how important it is for your child and teen to have a good experience as they are wearing their braces for a few months or even years

Choose Bordentown Braces for All Your Orthodontic Needs

If you are ready to get your teen or yourself into braces, you can count on the team at Bordentown Braces for all your orthodontic needs and services. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Bordentown Braces:

Personalized care by Dr. Newman to make you and your family feel cared for and heard. She loves making people smile and treats every patient like they are a family member.

Dr. Newman specializes in orthodontic care with years of experience in braces. She did 4 years of college, 4 years of dental school, and 1 year of general practice residency.

Treatment plans are customized and affordable. They know that dental services like braces can make a huge dent in the wallet. Their office takes most insurance plans and they can help to manage claims so that you are reimbursed for all the money you spend upfront on dental services.

All the people in the office stay courses and seminars to ensure they are up to date on the latest technologies in the dental field. The team is always working together and ready to learn so they can give the best services to all patients.

Why Should I Choose a Good Doctor For My Braces?

When people see the price of braces, they might be tempted to just go to the cheapest dentist they can find. While this might be tempting for your bank account, you need to ensure you are using a dentist and orthodontist that has the right credentials and training.

Even the most experienced and professional orthodontists can be affordable because they offer payment plans and take most insurance plans.

The best orthodontists can ensure your experience with braces goes smoothly so make sure you always find a dentist with the following:

  • They are a board-certified orthodontic specialist. Make sure they have experience with braces and that they are certified in not only dentistry but also orthodontics.
  • They have an experienced orthodontic staff. When you go into the office, you will not only see the doctor, but you will also interact with the office staff and all the assistants that work for the doctor. Make sure you can have good communication with them and that you feel comfortable with them.
  • All-inclusive treatment. You want to ensure there are no hidden fees when it comes to paying for your braces. Make sure you always ask what is included in the price and what you will need to pay extra for. You also want to ensure you check with your insurance plan to see what they cover and what they do not.
  • Private Practices are better. Like Bordentown Braces, private practice is better than a huge chain of orthodontic offices because you receive better care when you are at a private practice compared to a general office that cannot really give you the services you need.

Common Reasons Why You Might Need Braces in Monmouth County NJ

Not sure if you need braces? The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with the orthodontist so they can give you some advice.

Pediatric braces and adult braces are great ways to correct dental problems no matter what age you are.

Here are some of the top reasons why an orthodontist might tell you that you need to get braces:

  • You have an overbite. This is when the top set of your teeth sticks out over the bottom ones.
  • You have an underbite. Underbites can cause many different problems with swallowing and chewing so it needs to be fixed right away.
  • There is little or too much space between the teeth. Both of these problems make people feel like they have awkward smiles so it will need to be correct so that the space in between the teeth is the perfect amount.
  • You want straighter teeth. Most of the time, having straight teeth will also allow you to eat better and chew without pain. However, even if you don’t have any jaw issues, you might still want to get straighter teeth just for the aesthetics.
  • You have a speech impediment. Speech problems can often be caused by the way your teeth or jaw is positioned. Braces might be able to help you if you have a stutter, lisp, or slur.

What To Do If You Need or Want Braces in Monmouth County, NJ

If you know you want to try out braces, you can contact the office of Bordentown Braces today. They specialize in orthodontic and dental care so they can provide you and the children the services you need to have a bright and healthy smile.

Explain to Dr. Newman your desire for braces and what you want your smile to look and feel like. She will take x-rays and look in your mouth to determine the best treatment plan.

You’ll then discuss the timeline and costs so you are well-prepared.

Contact Our Orthodontic Office Today

We can be reached at 609-291-8555. You can also fill out our contact form here in case you’d rather not call. We are ready to welcome you with our smiling faces and give you the smile of your dreams.

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