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prognathism causes

Prognathism Causes and How to Treat Prognathism

Unlike greater apes and other primates in general, humans have orthognathic faces. The human mouth is positioned behind the forehead, unlike apes and other primates who have prognathic faces—their mouths jut out in front of their foreheads and cranium. Prognathism is a medical condition in humans in which the lower jaw protrudes from the face […] Read More

oral health

Improve Your Oral Health by Improving Your Posture

Intuitively, we know that good posture helps our backs, necks, and so on. But not as many people know that good posture can improve your oral health as well! It’s true. Proper posture promotes a healthy smile and can help prevent potential problems with your jaw and teeth. Your Posture in Class and at Home […] Read More

healthy smile

The Connection Between Breakfast And a Healthy Smile

The start of your day is key — brushing, flossing, other cleaning of dental appliances. Breakfast too! Start your day off right with proper hygiene and a balanced breakfast that’s good for your body AND your oral health. Scary Sugars Much of a typical American style breakfast is absolutely loaded with sugar. Pancakes, cereal, milk, […] Read More

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