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braces for kids

The Critical Importance of Braces for Kids

Braces are the thing that no kid ever seems to want, especially because getting braces often happens in middle school or high school, where your image is everything, and braces can lead to embarrassment. While most children don’t want braces, you can’t underestimate their importance. Here’s why you need to think about braces for your […] Read More

invisalign vs braces

The Experts Take on the Invisalign vs Braces Debate

If you have crooked teeth and are wanting to make them straighter, you might be wondering if you should get braces or Invisalign. Both are popular methods of straightening teeth, but they are very different. Not everyone can use Invisalign. It’s usually for mild teeth problems that do not require any jaw work such as […] Read More

teen braces

Are Teen Braces Fashionable Or Out of Style?

Many teens with braces worry about how their peers see them or they’re worried about people making fun of them for having braces. Braces can hinder self-confidence, especially in teens since these are important years for building relationships and self-confidence. Braces are a common part of teenhood though. Almost every teen has braces at some […] Read More

flossing with braces

Some Important Tips For Flossing With Braces You Should Know

So last thing when you have braces is not always an easy task, but it’s important to do every day. If you neglect your flossing routine, you will build up bacteria between your teeth that can lead to tooth decay. When you have braces, you’re trying to fix your oral health concerns, and neglecting flossing […] Read More

braces for kids

8 Reasons to Consider Braces for Kids This School Year

If your child needs braces, then the school year is one of the best times to have them use their braces. Find an orthodontist in Bordentown, NJ, so your child can get a consultation to determine if braces are the right choice. A pediatric orthodontist can help you determine when your child should get braces […] Read More

adolescent braces

Teen Orthodontics and Adolescent Braces For Ages 13-19

It’s hard enough to be a teenager without the inclusion of braces. Many people, especially young people, are scared of getting braces because of the way it might make them look. There certainly is a bad stigma that is still attached to people who wear braces. That stigma can hurt and scare young people enough […] Read More

invisalign vs braces

Invisalign vs Braces – What’s Better for Kids?

So your child has crooked teeth. Or maybe they have issues with their bite, or overcrowding. Their orthodontist is on the case, ready to form the treatment plan. But which is best? Invisalign vs. braces is the question on your mind. Both options have great benefits, and it all depends on your child and what […] Read More

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