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Invisalign for teenagers
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Why Now is the Best Time To Get Invisalign for Teenagers

Most adults who had braces as adolescents have the same memories of wires, metal, and colored bands. Now, thanks to advancements and technology there are other options. Today’s brackets and wires are sleeker and less noticeable than those of the past. But there is a treatment that doesn’t use any wires at all. If you […]

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braces in NJ
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7 Things Parents Consider When Searching for Kids Braces in NJ

Considering orthodontic care for your children can feel like a very daunting task. There are many practices to choose from when pursuing braces in New Jersey. Choosing a practice is very much like choosing a relationship; you are going to be spending a lot of time at appointments and will be making important decisions together […]

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pediatric orthodontist
Posted to Orthodontic FAQs

5 Traits to Look For in a Great Pediatric Orthodontist

Choosing a pediatric orthodontist is a monumental decision for a number of reasons. You want to choose a professional that you trust your child’s care to. You also have to consider a pediatric orthodontist that is transparent about cost and fees and can explain treatment options in easy to understand terms. Braces and orthodontic treatment […]

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braces New Jersey
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Why Bordentown Braces is the Best Place to Get Braces in NJ

If you and your family’s well-being, treatment, and finances are at the top of your priority list, then you’ll make no mistake by choosing Bordentown Braces. Bordentown Braces is made up of a highly skilled team with your best interest at the forefront of their mind. From the equipment, they use to the affordable treatment […]

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adolescent braces
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6 Things to Know About Adolescent Braces

Getting braces during adolescent years can improve the overall quality of oral health, but it may be a troublesome time if you’re not sure what to expect. Adolescent braces offer a wide variety of options and experiences, so you have the choice to select the braces that’ll fit you and your lifestyle the best. And […]

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pediatric braces
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The Basics of Pediatric Braces

Pediatric braces are a treatment for children who have jaw or teeth misalignments. Kid’s braces are installed by an orthodontist who will continue to treat the child until the treatment is over. Depending on the type of orthodontist you go to, they can remain the primary treatment source well into adulthood as well. The process […]

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braces for kids
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The ABCs of Braces for Kids

When you have braces there is a lot of information that you might be curious about. However, it can be hard to take it all in at once. We broke down the important stuff in this list, you can check it out easily. If you are looking for braces in New Jersey, then be sure […]

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