If you have teens or younger children, you might be wondering at what age they should get braces. If any of your children’s friends are getting braces, you might also be starting to think that now is the time to start looking into orthodontic work for your teens.

But is it too early? Each dentist and orthodontist has their own opinions and thoughts on when teens should get braces. The age your child gets braces also depends on their unique situation and how their teeth and jaw currently look.

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There are many advantages of getting braces early as a teen. Here are some of the perks you can look forward to.

It Catches Issues Early

One of the things to consider is that you want to catch problems as early as possible. The earlier you begin to solve a problem, the easier it is to fix it. This means the sooner you begin to fix orthodontic problems, the better.

The main point of early treatment is that the orthodontist can see where the problems are occurring, and they can begin to fix them early. Sometimes the dentist will not necessarily start treatment right away, but they will recommend follow-up treatments and let you know when your child might begin to start braces.

Once you begin to fix oral problems, there is also less of a chance of the problems occurring in the future.

Makes Room For New Teeth

Braces for teens fix the jaw as well as the teeth. If your child’s mouth is overcrowded and new teeth are having trouble erupting, your dentist might recommend braces early to make room for the new teeth.

Braces can make more room for new teeth so that all your child’s permanent teeth have room to grow in the right places. This problem is easier to fix in younger teens. Once your child is older, moving the teeth becomes harder because they are already well-established in the gums.

If the teeth start to erupt before they have proper room, this can really cause damage to the teeth and the jaw, which means there are more problems to fix in the future.

Less Risk of Gum Disease

When you have overcrowded teeth, teen braces can help. When teeth are close together, there is a higher chance of gum diseases and tooth decay because it’s hard to clean in between the tight spaces of the teeth.

One of the easiest fixes is to get braces so the teeth can shift and leave more space for proper flossing and brushing. When the teeth are evenly spaced, your child will have an easier time taking care of their teeth, and they can avoid issues like gingivitis and cavities.

This will also improve the confidence of your child because they will have a healthy smile, and they will feel better smiling and talking to others.

Fixes Crooked Teeth

Sometimes teeth erupt, and they are crooked. They might also be misaligned compared to the other teeth around them. When you have teeth that are misaligned, your child could suffer from an underbite, overbite, or crossbite. All these issues can cause serious jaw problems. The earlier they are treated, the better.

A child’s jaw is not fully developed, so it’s easier to fix the teeth and move the jaw. All adjustments are easier in a child’s mouth since everything is still growing, and everything can be easily shifted. Keep in mind that older teens can still benefit from braces, but their jaw is not able to be moved as easily as those of younger teens.

Lowers the Risk of Damaged Teeth

There are few things worse than damaged teeth. When teeth are misaligned, they can be damaged easier because there is not enough space for them to come through the gums. Sometimes the adult teeth can even erupt under the baby teeth and cause there to be serious issues with crowding.

If a dentist sees this happening, they will recommend putting your teen in braces earlier to fix the issues of overcrowding.

Improved Confidence

When someone undergoes an orthodontic treatment like braces, it massively improves their confidence. When you start the treatments early, a child can have improved confidence by getting straighter and better teeth.

They will also feel more confident because things like chewing are more comfortable since their teeth and jaw are well aligned.

When your teen or child has better confidence, they are more likely to carry this confidence into adulthood. When a teen has confidence, they can reach their long-term goals better and experience more success in life.

Fixes Breathing and Speech Problems

When your teen’s upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth, it can make a whistling around when your child talks. This can make it sound like they have a lisp and other speech issues. When you get braces, it can correct overbites which allows the tongue to be in the correct place. It also allows gaps in the teeth to be corrected.

When the jaw is misaligned, it can also cause your child to sleep with their mouth open, or they can breathe through their mouse more than the nose.
When the jaw is aligned correctly, your child can breathe better, and they can breathe through their nose.

Final Thoughts

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