An orthodontic mouthguard for braces is sometimes downright crucial for athletes for several reasons, all of which revolve around protecting both the braces and the athlete’s oral health.

Sports can be tough and that is especially true for young people who have to wear braces. As we all know, no one wants to have their smiles ruined because of a tough time on the field and a spirited match against opponents. This is why an orthodontic mouthguard for braces can be so important.

But a lot of athletes, especially young ones, don’t get an orthodontic mouthguard for braces because they don’t know all of the many benefits that they provide. There are in fact many reasons why an orthodontic mouthguard might be exactly what you or the athlete in your life needs.

Protection for Braces

Braces are made of metal or ceramic brackets and wires. There’s a risk of impact or trauma to the face during sports activities and that can greatly ruin those braces. But an orthodontic mouthguard acts as a sort of protective barrier and reduces the chances of damage to the braces caused by hits, collisions, or falls on the field or on the court. This way, players can perform without fear of hurting themselves for the long term.

Oral Injuries

It’s important to know that athletes with braces are more susceptible to oral injuries as the brackets and materials in the oral appliance can potentially injure the soft tissues inside the mouth during impacts. But that doesn’t have to be the case with an orthodontic mouthguard for braces.

This sort of specialty mouthguard will create a cushioning effect, which minimizes the risk of cuts, bruises, or lacerations to the lips, cheeks, or tongue. Far too many athletes have walked away from games with busted lips, broken teeth, crooked overbites, and more. But a mouthguard can get in the way of that happening.

Simply put, braces can amplify the impact of a blow to the face. Without a mouthguard, this force could cause severe dental trauma, such as chipping or breaking teeth. A mouthguard acts as a shock absorber, dispersing the force and decreasing the risk of dental injuries.

Maintaining Treatment

Families who are experiencing long term orthodontic treatment are investing a considerable amount of time and resources into aligning teeth and making sure smiles are as beautiful and bright as possible.

But trauma to the braces due to sports injuries might disrupt the treatment progress and totally throw them off their schedule and ruin their plans. It’s like spending a ton of money and getting up all your hopes for nothing.

Using an orthodontic mouthguard for braces ensures that the braces remain intact and functional. It prevents most setbacks in the alignment process. That means that the goals set between you and your orthodontic specialist will stay intact and the beautiful smile that is promised will still be delivered on time.

Comfort and Adaptability

Orthodontic mouthguards for braces are specifically designed to accommodate the oral appliances created to ensure your oral health. These mouthguards are specifically structured to fit comfortably over the braces, providing a secure and custom fit. This design reduces discomfort and allows the athlete to breathe and speak more easily while wearing the mouthguard. In other words, they will help keep your mouth safe and they will also feel good while they are doing that.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

A well-made and properly fitted orthodontic mouthguard covers the braces, reducing the chances of food particles or debris getting stuck in the brackets or wires during sports activities. If you have had braces, you know that they can lead to some excess food being stuck in the appliances and can sometimes be a huge pain to clear. But the mouthguard for braces covers the trickiest parts of the braces. Overall, this helps maintain better oral hygiene, preventing potential issues like plaque buildup or cavities.

Compliance and Safety Standards

There are certain sports leagues and organizations that mandate the use of mouthguards for athletes participating in contact sports because they know just how beneficial and healthy they can be. Using an orthodontic mouthguard for braces not only ensures compliance with these safety regulations but also offers additional protection specifically tailored for braces wearers.

Simply put, if you don’t want to break the rules in your youth sports league, you would be wise to weird mouthguards for braces.


Did you know that orthodontic mouthguards for braces can be custom-made by a dentist or orthodontist to perfectly fit the individual’s mouth and braces? That’s a huge deal that is a major benefit of having these mouthguards because customization ensures not only a better fit, but also comfort, and enhanced protection too.

Additionally, these mouthguards are typically more durable and resilient compared to generic options. But the thing that customization really brings to the patient is a feeling of comfort. In the past, braces and mouthguards were very rudimentary and hard to adapt to. Some people thought they felt stiff and uncomfortable. Over the years, that has changed and now braces feel right at home in the patient’s mouth.

The same is true with mouthguards. Far too many people believe that they are rock-hard and cannot adapt to the mouth they are in. But advancements in oral health have meant that these mouthguards are now much more comfortable and allow the user to do much more with them. Athletes are able to talk and converse with their teammates during games and they don’t feel like their tongue and teeth are confined.

At the end of the day, an orthodontic mouthguard for braces is an essential accessory for all athletes with braces, especially younger ones, because not only do they protect the braces and oral structures but they also safeguard the investments made by families and patients in orthodontic treatment while allows for a strong and healthy participation in sports. With a mouthguard for braces, athletes don’t have to change their lives, their goals, and their hopes of finding victory on the field.