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healthy smile

The Connection Between Breakfast And a Healthy Smile

The start of your day is key — brushing, flossing, other cleaning of dental appliances. Breakfast too! Start your day off right with proper hygiene and a balanced breakfast that’s good for your body AND your oral health. Scary Sugars Much of a typical American style breakfast is absolutely loaded with sugar. Pancakes, cereal, milk, […] Read More

orthodontist in NJ

7 Top Reasons to Choose an Orthodontist in NJ Over a Dentist

You may have noticed that some dentists in New Jersey offer various types of orthodontic treatment. You may have then wondered why exactly so many dentists seem to offer the same types of treatment as these orthodontists. This is understandably confusing for people unfamiliar with the differences between dentists and orthodontists. So… what’s the difference […] Read More

can braces make morning breath worse

Can Braces Make Morning Breath Worse?

Do you suffer from bad morning breath? Not to worry, it happens to everyone from time to time. And usually, your morning routine of brushing your teeth adequately solves the issue. But if you currently have braces, you may find that your morning break is worse and sticks around for much longer. If you’re worried […] Read More

eating with braces

Some Eating With Braces DOs And DON’Ts

When people get braces, they tend to be worried about their ability to continue eating their favorite treats. Although it can be a bummer to put your favorite snacks aside, it really is an important aspect of preventing possible emergencies when it comes to your braces. Since knowing what you can and cannot eat can […] Read More

what makes a smile attractive

The Science of What Makes a Smile Attractive

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you’re probably wondering just how you can attract that special someone. And you may just be surprised to find out that the number one factor in attraction is your smile. And having a beautiful, straight smile actually has even more to do with it than you may […] Read More

braces in NJ

7 Things Parents Consider When Searching for Kids Braces in NJ

Considering orthodontic care for your children can feel like a very daunting task. There are many practices to choose from when pursuing braces in New Jersey. Choosing a practice is very much like choosing a relationship; you are going to be spending a lot of time at appointments and will be making important decisions together […] Read More

pediatric orthodontist

5 Traits to Look For in a Great Pediatric Orthodontist

Choosing a pediatric orthodontist is a monumental decision for a number of reasons. You want to choose a professional that you trust your child’s care to. You also have to consider a pediatric orthodontist that is transparent about cost and fees and can explain treatment options in easy to understand terms. Braces and orthodontic treatment […] Read More

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