As an adult who required orthodontic treatment, I wanted to provide some insight into my experience at Bordentown Braces. I needed correction for an anomalous bite, which combined with teeth grinding during sleep, had caused serious cosmetic and structural damage to my enamel over the years. Orthodontic treatment allowed for correction of the bite to the point where a subsequent restorative solution could be provided by my dentist.

Dr. Newman and her Team provided the orthodontic solution I required, and exceeded expectations of both myself and my dentist. Multiple dental professionals have commented on the ingenuity of Dr. Newman’s approaches to correcting my bite, and how her innovative techniques reduced the overall required treatment time significantly. Dr. Newman proactively coordinated my treatment with my dentist at each stop along the way, from initial evaluation to after restorative work was completed.

I have been extremely impressed with the professional and kind nature of every person at Bordentown Braces. Having to get braces as an adult is at times a very different experience from having them earlier in life; the staff made every effort to make me feel comfortable throughout my treatment. Time was always taken to fully and respectfully answer any questions or concerns I had. Quite honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been in a physician’s office where the entire staff was so focused on patient comfort, support and satisfaction.

The efforts of Bordentown Braces has contributed to a very positive outcome for me. I am happy to serve as a reference for Bordentown Braces on behalf any adults who need orthodontic treatment. The best compliment I can give to Dr. Newman and her Team is that if and when the time comes in the future for my 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter to have orthodontics, they will be under the care of Bordentown Braces.