DIY Orthodontics

While scrolling through your phone on social media, you may have noticed an ad for DIY orthodontics, at-home braces, or mail-order teeth alignments. Though these advertisements can be tempting as cost-effective teeth straightening options, the products offered by these ads are to be avoided at all costs.

It’s easy to think that repairing gaps in your teeth is simple and easy, leading you to believe that you don’t even need to visit an orthodontist. This has led people to try to repair tooth problems by ordering at-home braces kits. Regardless of what people might believe or read and watch on the Internet, orthodontics is a complex industry and procedures should only be done by a professional.

This is because dentist work reaches far beyond the condition of one’s teeth. An expert will first look at your overall oral health before doing any orthodontic jobs. Like any health procedure, what works in one patient will differ from what works in another. If you attempt to use mail-order dental care and expect the same results as with a professional orthodontist, think again, or read this article.

Before you make an appointment for Invisalign or other dental procedures in Roebling or Wrightstown NJ, take a quick look at why choosing DIY orthodontics instead is such a dangerous phenomenon.

DIY Braces

One of the most dangerous parts of mail-order braces or Invisalign copycats is the fact that people are truly believing that these mail-in kits will truly work to remedy their various dental issues. Though the advertisements are professionally made, that’s not a reason you should trust that the kits will be as well.

What most people don’t realize is that straightening your teeth is a highly complex process that always requires the work of a professional. More often than not, these mail-in kits are not specialized for your exact teeth, and using them can just lead to dental issues further down the road.

The process of straightening your teeth is not solely focused on repairing gaps between them, as these ads may suggest. Braces themselves are designed to align the teeth in order to decrease wear and pressure on one’s jaw. If you try to force a one-size-fits-all kit onto your teeth and expect the same results as going to an expert, chances are you’re not taking into consideration the overall health and structure of your mouth.

Do These Methods Work?

When performed by a professional, the braces procedure involves slowly shifting your teeth through bone and manipulating bone growth. Trying to straighten your teeth without the help of an expert can cause a great amount of gum damage that often results in lost teeth.

The ligaments that keep your teeth in their proper place can sometimes break if treated with mail-order braces or Invisalign. If you do end up losing a tooth, the cost of a replacement will be much more than using professionally-made braces or Invisalign.

Yet another dangerous part of DIY orthodontics is the damage that can be done to your enamel. You simply can’t trust dental products that are not coming from a professional dentist’s office, even if the company has a catchy name and hundreds of totally real reviews.

As the protective layer for your teeth, the enamel is highly important for comfort in the mouth. If it gets destroyed, you’ll experience much more mouth sensitivity and are more susceptible to getting cavities. The gum line can also be damaged by the products used in mail-order braces.

When using products mailed to you from a cutesy company to try and straighten your teeth, you are at a higher risk for infection than when going to an actual orthodontist. These mail-order kits will also likely not come with extensive instructions on how to care for your aligners or braces, leaving you in the dark about how to care for your new device.

Short Answer: Leave It To The Experts

Everyone wants a gorgeous smile and properly aligned teeth. However, the prospect of having to achieve this with braces can be daunting. That’s why orthodontists have created another option: Invisalign. If you’re looking for an Invisalign appointment in Roebling or Wrightstown NJ, you’ve come to the right place.

Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner system that’s more comfortable than braces and fits over the top of your teeth. This non-invasive “procedure” of sorts can help straighten crooked or gapped teeth with a custom-made tray made especially for your mouth.

Traditional braces can be cumbersome and hard to manage, especially while eating. One great thing about Invisalign is that you can pop out your aligners at any time to eat or drink. This method also allows for a bit more discretion while straightening out your teeth.

Potential Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

Though it seems obvious to some, others do not realize the dangers associated with DIY, mail-order orthodontics. Braces or other teeth-straightening devices ordered online and used only at home can potentially cost you not only your teeth and health but also a costly dental bill to remedy the damage you and your kit have caused.

Before you purchase a mail-order braces kit and try to fix your dental problems with one, consider the possible damages that you can bring to your teeth:

●        Irreparable tooth damage

●        Lots of pain

●        Bone damage

●        Tooth wear and loss

●        Jaw damage

●        Gum damage

●        Infections and bacteria in your mouth

●        Additional gaps in your teeth

●        Mouth/tooth sensitivity

●        Expensive repair costs

Instead of trying to go with a “cheaper” option of repairing or straightening your teeth at home with a mail-order kit, simply schedule an appointment with your orthodontist or dentist. There’s certainly no problem that they won’t be able to fix, so long as you don’t try to do anything with the help of tempting trends first.

The bottom line is: avoid DIY, mail-order orthodontics (and those pesky social media ads) at all costs. Your teeth, and your orthodontist, will thank you.