It seems our life tends to fill up with appointments and meetings that drain the entire day away. When it comes to dealing with your or your kids’ orthodontist visits, making them virtual may have seemed like an impossible option a few years ago but has quickly become common practice.

Virtual life can be a drag for some areas but scheduling and consulting with your orthodontist virtually has a lot of great benefits! We’ll talk through some of the top reasons to visit your virtual orthodontist in New Jersey so you can be prepared and take advantage of this opportunity.


Between all the meetings, work calls, school events, and everything else that tends to crowd your schedule, finding time to sit down with your orthodontist might be at the bottom of your list of things to do. With virtual orthodontics, you can choose a time that fits your schedule! Consultations are free and over the virtual platform, your orthodontist can assess whether you need in-person care or not.

These visits over the virtual platform are also short. Heading to the orthodontist usually requires a commute, waiting time, short visit with the doctor, and then the reverse process to get home. You can avoid the lines, time, and waiting rooms by switching over to virtual consultations! The time you spend talking with your doctor is the only time you need to be committed to the visit.


During your virtual appointment, your doctor will look at your pictures and determine what the best treatment options might be. You’ll have several different options ranging from braces to Invisalign or anything else in between. Doctors will consult with you over video chat and lay out the options for moving forward with your oral health.

All of these virtual appointments happen quickly and painlessly! If you do need further treatment, you’ll have to arrange an in-person visit but until then, keeping it virtual makes it easy to reduce anxiety and stress over the visit itself.


After the initial consultation and virtual orthodontic visit is over, the office will send you reminders and let you know what the next steps need to be. Being able to do this from the comfort of your own home gives you the option to jot down any important information where it’s most accessible to you. Any rescheduling issues can happen over video chat, phone call, or even text message so you don’t need to worry about visiting in-person until your actual appointment.


Offices like regular orthodontists can quickly become crowded and anyone who needs treatment is exposed to the rest of the other patients in the waiting room. Skipping the in-person visit and consultation until an ac tual appointment is needed is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the current pandemic.


The initial cost of an orthodontist visit can be daunting for anyone working on a budget. Even without the cost of gas or revenue lost when you’re missing work, orthodontist visits can be expensive. You can cut costs more effectively by switching to visiting your orthodontist virtually!

You’ll save on gas money and be able to get back to work more quickly and your kids back in class even faster. Your doctor and the office staff will also save some money! It’s always more costly to have people in the office than it is to see the over video chat, so opting for this type of visit is a great way to cut down on costs that can already become exorbitant.

6-Two-for-One Deal

You’ll likely need to see multiple doctors and specialists when you’re getting your braces or other adjustments done. With the use of virtual orthodontics, you can see more people in a shorter amount of time. Instead of needing to schedule your appointment when all the timelines collide, you can connect and chat with specialists from their home offices for a consultation.

This also gives you the chance to ease your own or your kids’ fears when it comes to encountering different people on the staff. Nurses, aids, and techs can hop in on the call and the visit to introduce themselves and provide support for the next appointment. If you have kids who struggle with meeting strangers or other types of professionals, this is a great chance for you to introduce them first before they even meet face to face.

7-Ease of Access

For many, getting to their in-person appointment can be difficult. Being able to access your specialist through the virtual platform is a great way to make the service more accessible. If you don’t have a car, can’t leave work, or missed a bus, you’ll still be able to get in touch with your orthodontist and make sure you have all the care and attention you need.

There are still some set-up steps that need to happen for any consultation but by being able to do them in the comfort of your own home, you’ll keep the service as accessible as possible for anyone who needs the specialist.


Virtual orthodontics in New Jersey is on the cutting edge of providing excellent service to a wide range of clientele. By avoiding in-person waiting rooms, you’ll save time, exposure to the virus, and all the effort it takes to get to the appointment.

While there are still some simple steps required when you’re getting ready for your consultation, there’s much less of an effort you need to put forward to get the appointment on time. You don’t even need to leave your home, office, or school to connect with your New Jersey orthodontist and stay on track with your treatment.

Switching to virtual appointments and consultations is the wave of the future. While some in-person appointments might be needed, the initial consultation will help determine your treatment plan. Don’t delay, start using virtual orthodontics today!