Choosing a pediatric orthodontist is a monumental decision for a number of reasons. You want to choose a professional that you trust your child’s care to. You also have to consider a pediatric orthodontist that is transparent about cost and fees and can explain treatment options in easy to understand terms.

Braces and orthodontic treatment are a commitment for both you and your child. It’s important to choose a pediatric orthodontist that connects with your child and their treatment needs. There’s no doubt an endless number of pediatric orthodontists in New Jersey that you could choose, to help guide you consider these 5 traits you should look for when choosing the right pediatric orthodontist for your child’s need.

A Trustworthy Provider

Just like when you chose a pediatrician to care for your child, you want to choose a pediatric orthodontist that you trust. But how do you know who is trustworthy? A pediatric orthodontist should be willing to meet with you in-depth before any treatment takes place. They should answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

More so, a trustworthy orthodontist should be able to put your child’s mind at ease! Your child likely has a lot of questions, a trustworthy provider will begin building a relationship with your child immediately and respect their questions and concerns.

Don’t forget to use your resources as well when searching for a provider. A great orthodontist will have many clients willing to sing their praises. Check around with friends who have gone through the process of pediatric orthodontics and see who they’re excited to recommend, or more importantly, who they aren’t.

Affordable and Transparent Costs

Braces and treatment are a huge investment. But that investment is all for the benefit of your child. A great pediatric orthodontist should be able to clearly explain all fee structures upfront and before treatment begins. And there should be no surprises when it comes to cost.

Ask your orthodontist about your insurance plan, an exceptional provider will check your insurance for you for benefits. Many orthodontic practices also offer affordable and flexible payment plans while also working with your insurance company.

A great pediatric orthodontist should make the payment portion of orthodontics the least of your worries and let you focus on your child and their treatment plan.


You don’t want your child to be in treatment any longer than they need to be. Nor do you want them in outdated and ineffective equipment. A great orthodontist will be knowledgeable with the ever-changing world of technology and their office should reflect that.

Ask them what technology they use and why. You can also learn a lot about a practice’s growth mindset by asking how their treatment options have evolved over the years. A great pediatric orthodontist will take pride in explaining the equipment and treatment options they have available as well as explaining why they are the most up-to-date option.

The best technology can’t guarantee that your child will get out of braces sooner, but it is the perfect way to know definitively that your child is getting the right, accurate treatment for their needs. State-of-the-art 3D Scanners and X-Ray machines are a great way to tell how up to date a practice is- so ask about them!

Respect for Your Time and Schedule

The biggest commitment of orthodontic treatment for your child doesn’t just lie in the financial factors. There is a huge time commitment involved as well. You will be committing to a lot of appointments, often monthly. Whether or not you’re taking time off of work to make these appointments, you want to feel like your time is appreciated.

A great pediatric orthodontist will respect your appointment time to the very best of their ability. That means your appointment should start on time. But it also means you should know beforehand how long to expect the appointment to last.

Of course, unexpected issues can always arise, but the right practice will communicate with you if they anticipate the appointment will last longer than planned.

Safe Practices

Safety first, always. There are so many factors that go into providing safe care in orthodontics. When choosing a pediatric orthodontist look for one that is open and forthcoming about their safety practices. They should be able to tell you in detail about their cleaning practices and what equipment they use to sanitize equipment, and how often.

Also consider radiation. Dental and orthodontic treatment can mean frequent, or semi-frequent, x-rays. A great pediatric orthodontist will reassure you about the amount of radiation your child could be exposed to. They will also have exceptional equipment and safeguards that can greatly limit exposure to your child.

A great pediatric orthodontist will also be forthcoming about health regulations in their office. Are staff allowed to come to work sick? Are there staff on stand-by to cover for absences so employees feel comfortable staying home if ill? What hygiene practices are in place and how are they monitored?

A good practice will be able to sufficiently answer these questions which will ease your mind, particularly during cold and flu season.


New Jersey is brimming with pediatric orthodontic practices for you to choose from. Bordentown Braces prides itself on being one of the best. We strive to embody each of these special traits of a great pediatric orthodontist so that you and your child feel safe and at ease with our practice.

We love connecting with kids and families. If you’re ready to learn more about orthodontic treatment for your child, give us a call! Dr. Newman and our staff are happy to talk with you about how our practice is a trustworthy and affordable provider.

Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology and we will always respect your time! We take great pride in our safety measures because you and your child matter to use. We are excited to earn your trust and begin treating your child’s orthodontic needs. We can’t wait to meet you!