Invisalign First
Invisalign First

Many children find themselves with crooked or damaged teeth as they grow up. Parents search for ways to correct these problems in a way that’s both inexpensive and comfortable for their children. Having to wear pediatric braces can be uncomfortable and at times embarrassing for kids, so any good parent should want to find a better way to correct misaligned teeth.

Luckily, there is a solution: Invisalign First.

What is Invisalign First? In this article, we’ll go over the differences between Invisalign for kids and pediatric braces, as well as get into detail about Invisalign First.

Invisalign for kids is a clear, plastic teeth straightener that can prove to be a better option than braces for some children. Invisalign offers a more discrete option for kids that don’t like the look of braces and can be easier to perform upkeep on than braces.

Any good pediatric orthodontist wants young children to grow up with mouths and teeth that fit them properly. Parents also should want this for their kids, so they can avoid uncomfortable childhood years with unaligned teeth. Invisalign First is a completely clear aligner treatment that can fix dental issues in your child’s mouth, specifically for kids that still have their primary or “baby” teeth.

If your child is aged six to ten, they are able to start phase one of Invisalign First treatment to get their clear aligners and beat potential problems with their teeth before they start.

The Benefits of Invisalign First

What’s great about Invisalign First aligners are that they are designed to treat lots of different problems. Regardless of if your child’s problem is with spacing, dental arches, or anything else, Invisalign First can help.

Unlike pediatric braces, Invisalign aligners are actually removable. Instead of having to deal with all the components of braces, Invisalign can be popped off before eating or brushing the teeth. This can help with both comfort and dental hygiene.

Lastly, Invisalign is designed to be comfortable. Your child won’t have to deal with as much pain and discomfort as having braces can sometimes allow. There are no poking wires or bracket cuts when using Invisalign.

The First Phase of Invisaligners

The purpose of phase one of treatment with Invisalign is to help develop your child’s jaw to ensure that there is room for the adult teeth gradually coming in. Crowding can be a complex and uncomfortable problem when left unchecked, and is not something to simply be dealt with.

Phase one treatment with Invisalign can also help straighten your child’s teeth, improve their smile, and address any bite problems. Utilizing Invisalign First is one of the best things you can do to ensure that phase two of Invisalign treatment will go as smoothly as possible.

Why Use Invisalign First?

One reason to use Invisalign first over pediatric braces is the speed of results that you’ll receive. Typically, most Invisalign First users will notice results after just six months of use.

Additionally, Invisalign simply feels better and is easier to deal with than having braces. The user is able to pop out the aligners whenever they need to play sports, sleep, eat, or anything else. You can pop them right back in whenever needed.

Invisalign aligners are also custom-made for each user. Created with SmartTrack material, the aligners are comfortable and let your teeth straighten much more quickly than braces. A pediatric orthodontist will measure your child’s mouth and create their own personal set of aligners to perfectly fit their mouth and align their teeth as fast as possible.

With the latest and greatest technology being applied to Invisaligners, it’s easy to feel confident that your orthodontist is giving your child the best possible treatment. A quality orthodontist will use an outcome simulator to discover all of the steps that will lead up to your child’s improved smile. They ensure that you and your child will know everything that’s going to happen to their teeth, leaving no room for surprises.

Using three-dimensional, technologically advanced software, an algorithm is created that calculates the exact amount of force needed for each tooth movement. Every tooth then moves according to that algorithm and should follow through the entire process without any issues.

Many orthodontic specialists will also utilize precision wings to help address any issues with your child’s bite as well as adjust their lower jaw. SmartForce attachments are used to direct your child’s alignment’s total force.

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about your new smile acquiring damage as time goes on. The aligners are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth without causing issues. The aligners are virtually invisible in your mouth, as the name applies, and are custom-made.

Invisalign aligners are also almost two times as durable as dentures. This means that they can withstand a great number of potential impacts from your child, so you can rest assured that not much can harm these retainers.

Using Invisalign First

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your child’s teeth before they reach their teenage years, Invisalign First is an excellent option. Using Invisalign for kids is not very complicated, is fairly easy to use, and is conveniently discrete for the sake of your child’s self-esteem.

Your child can pop off their Invisalign clear aligners to take a nap, have a snack, or play an impact sport. Many children can sustain considerable mouth and facial injuries from wearing braces while doing relatively dangerous activities like playing football or basketball.

Invisalign can also help correct potentially expensive and painful issues early on in life. If your child’s smile is aligned as soon as possible, they’ll likely avoid further problems that will cost you money and time. Some of these issues include bite problems and jaw narrowness, both of which can be addressed with Invisalign.

Overall, Invisalign First is an excellent option for parents and kids alike. Pediatric braces can cause kids pain and take more time to straighten teeth. Invisalign offers an easier, more efficient option for both children and parents.

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