Even though wearing braces can serve a great long-term purpose, they can be extremely uncomfortable sometimes. Whenever you wear a contraption comprised of metal and wires, it’s bound to cause some discomfort in your mouth.

However, as you adjust to braces, you won’t notice them as much unless the wires poke out. Then, the device in your mouth you haven’t noticed for a while suddenly becomes your main concern. Fortunately, this problem is common and easy to resolve.

Please continue reading to learn our best tips for poking wires from braces. Our guide will help you feel comfortable without much effort.

Try Pushing Wires from Braces Back into Place

You can usually push the wires back into place if the problem isn’t severe. However, if the wire is out of its bracket completely, this is a no-go.

  1. Find a nearby mirror or use your selfie camera on your phone
  2. Locate the misplaced wire
  3. Push the wire back into place with your finger

Although you can do this without looking at yourself, having a mirror or camera handy is helpful. If you can’t bring your phone everywhere you go, keep a compact mirror in your pocket while you wear braces. Otherwise, you’ll need to feel around your mouth for the wire until you find it.

Blunt The Wires from Braces

Another easy way to remove the discomfort from wearing your braces is to blunt the wires. This is handy if you cannot push them into the correct spots. You can use the following tools to blunt your wires.

  • Dental Wax
  • Cotton

So, how do you blunt your wires? Follow these steps!

  1. Locate the dental wax or cotton ball necessary for the task
  2. Use a mirror to monitor your movements
  3. Clean your teeth and hands
  4. Grab a small piece of your orthodontic wax
  5. Roll the wax into a ball
  6. Push the wax over the pokey wire

Blunting the wires from braces using orthodontic wax is easy, and you’ll follow the same process if you only have cotton available. Keeping your orthodontic wire handy wherever you go is one of the best orthodontist tips you can follow. Cotton isn’t nearly as comfortable as this wax.

Are you running low on wax, or have you lost your previous dental wax? Don’t worry! You can contact your orthodontist for more wax whenever necessary. There’s no need to walk around with liars poking the inside of your mouth.

Bend Your Wire to the Guard

Unfortunately, you’ll run into situations where the wires from braces don’t want to cooperate with their daily routine. For example, you could be in the middle of an errand run when you’re wire decides to poke out of its bracket. Follow these steps to bend your wire guard back into place wherever you go.

  1. Gather a set of tweezers
  2. Bend the wire against your gums or teeth
  3. Move your mouth a few times to ensure the wire is in place

When you leave the wire to its own devices, it will continue to poke you uncomfortably inside your mouth. However, when you bend it against the wire guard or your teeth and gums, you’ll have more control over the situation.

Although you need to make adjustments later on, this is a great temporary solution when you’re on the move. We recommend this option if you don’t have any dental wax on your person or can’t remove your wire from the braces yet.

How To Remove Wire from Braces at Home

Sometimes it can be hard to find time to go to an orthodontist. Fortunately, you can remove stray wires from your braces at home easily.

  1. Find your nail clippers
  2. Use gauze to hold the wire
  3. Locate the nearest mirror (you’ll need both your hands!)
  4. Clip the stray wire with the nail clippers
  5. Use your gauze to remove the wire safely

The gauze will help you grip the wire so you can easily remove it from your mouth without cutting yourself.

How to Clean Mouth Cuts

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t resolve your wire problem before you end up with cuts in your mouth. These cuts can get very uncomfortable and lead to infection if you’re not careful. Follow these tips to keep your mouth clean and avoid further problems after you remove the wire from your braces.

Rinse your mouth after every meal

You don’t want to worry about scraps of food getting caught in the cuts in your mouth. You’ll want to rinse your mouth out after every meal to prevent debris from getting trapped in the area and worsening your situation.

Don’t worsen the cut

It can be tempting to bite or lick the inside of your mouth when you have a cut. However, this can worsen your situation and lead to an infection making it difficult to heal. Avoid this temptation as much as possible.

If you cut your mouth from your wire braces, it’ll take a few days to heal back to normal. However, these cuts are normally shallow abrasions that don’t need medical attention. So, don’t worry about rushing to the doctor for stitches if your braces cut the inside of your mouth.

Schedule an Appointment

If you keep having problems with the wires of your braces, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist. Wires from braces can be difficult to manage without a professional, especially if the problem is persistent. Orthodontists can help you resolve this issue by putting the wires where they’re meant to go or replacing them.

Most of the time, you can use our orthodontist tips to resolve poking wires from braces. However, if the issue persists, you’ll want to visit your orthodontist so they can eliminate the problem. You shouldn’t have to deal with mouth abrasions while you’re trying to go about your day, and refusing to visit your orthodontist could lead to more oral health problems.