You might have heard that early orthodontic treatment is more effective than receiving treatment later on in your life. Braces in young kids and teens do tend to catch more potential issues- fixing them before they become a problem.

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Helping your kids get their best smiles at a young age will do wonders for their self-confidence. But, there are more benefits than just that. It can correct many different oral problems, improve hygiene, and give their teeth more space to emerge.

Here are all of the benefits of early orthodontic treatment!

1. It Catches Problems Early

It is easier to fix oral problems before they become worse. Early orthodontic treatment allows professionals to catch the issues before they start. It helps determine where the child’s permanent teeth are going to appear and if they are going to be aligned correctly.

The main reason for early treatment is to intercept the problems. Sometimes, there is no need for treatment after the first check-up, but your specialist will likely ask to have another check-up in the future. This is to ensure that no surprise oral problems develop later for the child.

In short, early treatments ensure that your child is going to get the proper oral care at a young age. This means that it is unlikely they develop oral problems later in life, so it is beneficial to correct them now.

2. It Fixes Misaligned Teeth

Teen braces can fix teeth that have erupted improperly. Misaligned teeth include underbite, overbite, crossbite- which can all cause issues in the jaw. Early treatment corrects jaw alignment and slowly moves misplaced teeth to their correct location. If the jaw is misaligned, it may be irritating or causing pain to your child.

It is much easier to fix a child’s jaw than it is with a young adult. This is because a child’s jaw has not yet fully developed, making it easier to make any necessary adjustments. Once a child’s jaw sets into its developed, adult stage it is much harder to correct- although not impossible.

However, it is better to take care of the issue early. Doing so will stop any further issues from popping up. Oral problems typically happen in a domino effect- one issue can lead to another. Fixing the first problem before it starts to cause more is important.

3. It Makes Room for Teeth to Emerge

While kid braces are adjusting the jaw they are also making room for new teeth to erupt. If other teeth happen to be in the way of emerging teeth, braces prevent crowding and create more space for them.

This is especially important in early orthodontic treatment, as it can be caught before it happens, making it easier to fix with younger kids. If teeth were to erupt before they had room to do so, it would cause a lot of problems and maybe even damage to your child’s teeth.

Your child’s adult teeth are meant to last for the rest of their lives. Kid braces can make that a possibility- but to get them you would need to make sure you go through with the early orthodontic treatment.

4. It Lowers the Risk of Damaged Adult Teeth

Teeth can be damaged by being misaligned. Earlier treatments lower the risk of damage when they make room for the new, adult teeth to come in. Without that extra space, the adult teeth may erupt under baby teeth or experience crowding.

Both of those issues may cause damage to your child’s teeth. Fixing the problem before it starts helps reduce the odds significantly. Otherwise, you might have to go through other oral treatments.

5. It Lowers the Risk of Gum Disease

Tooth decay and gum disease can be caused by overcrowded teeth pushing on one another and not leaving enough space for them to be cleaned thoroughly. This might even lead to weaker gums overall.

Improper oral cleaning can be fixed by simply giving the teeth more room. That way they can be brushed more effectively. This will improve your child’s oral health greatly and give them more confidence when they notice a brighter smile.

6. It Improves Confidence

Orthodontic treatments have been proven to improve the patient’s confidence. By starting the treatment at a young age, children will experience a confident smile and healthy teeth early.

Teens are also oftentimes self-conscious. By helping them achieve their perfect smile, you will notice a change in their habits right away. Teens do sometimes dislike wearing braces, but they are always happy with the results. Those wearing teen braces usually just need a little encouragement to see the treatment through to the end.

Having confidence as a child or teen often leads to having confidence as an adult. Confident people are considered to be more successful and are more likely to follow through with their long term goals. Giving your child early treatment will often help them later in life because of this.


There are many benefits of early orthodontic treatment. Your child will appreciate the results of the treatment and will love their new smile! Having a straight smile often leads to having higher confidence levels, something that your child can carry with them through their lives.

Early treatments are there to intercept any potential problems. It will stop further issues from developing and correct the current state of your child’s oral health.

Bordentown Braces is proud to offer quality services and wonderful orthodontic care. If you are looking for a pediatric orthodontist in NJ, contact us today to set up an appointment for your child. There are so many benefits to having early treatment! You want to be sure that your child is receiving the best possible oral care there is.

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