Getting braces can be painful and there’s a lot of care and maintenance that goes into them throughout the time you have them. Before you get them attached, you may be frantically googling “what can I eat with braces,” and “what can’t I eat with braces” before you head to your next appointment.

To help ease your stress and make it simpler to get prepped before your appointment for getting braces in Central New Jersey, we’ve put together a list of foods you can’t eat with your braces!


While we all love a good movie night at home or on the town, getting a big bag or box of popcorn just isn’t a good idea if you’ve got braces. The kernels and little pieces of the hull can get stuck around and in your wires which can aggravate your gums and lead to disease and cavities in a hurry.


Any type of nut is bound to be harder than your teeth can handle at this sensitive stage. In addition to your teeth being sensitive to anything hard, nuts break into small pieces that can get stuck in your braces. You’ll need to brush and floss extra hard to get them out of the system and to protect your teeth in general.

Hard or Sticky Candy

Your favorite hard candies and caramels may have seen their last days in your candy drawer if you or your family members have braces. The sugar combined with the hardness of the candy itself can put your teeth in danger of developing cavities and plaque. The stickiness of the candy will adhere to your teeth and because you may not be brushing as well or as often with the pain and discomfort caused by braces, it’ll turn into cavities quickly.

Hard Rolls or Bagels

Your morning bagel will need to go by the wayside as well, at least for a while. As your teeth are moving with the force of the braces, ripping and tearing into a chewy bagel or hard roll can throw off the alignment of your teeth. Skipping them is the best way to keep yourself from messing with the way your teeth are moving and keep them lined up as your orthodontist intended.


While it may sound tempting to soothe your sore mouth with some cool pieces of ice, biting and crunching into it is a bad idea. As you bite and crunch into some ice, you’re putting several extremes on your teeth from the cold to the hardness of the ice itself. These extremes can cause major problems and put your alignment in trouble when you’re trying to get things right.

Raw Veggies and Fruits

Your mom may have encouraged you to eat your fruits and veggies but when you’ve got braces in New Jersey, you should avoid any of the raw ones! Skip raw fruits and veggies while you have your braces as the hardness of the food can cause issues with your teeth. Opt for cooked and soft ones instead that you can eat easily and enjoy without the effort of trying to bite through them with sensitive teeth.

Tips and Tricks on How To Eat With Braces

Eating with your braces means avoiding some of your favorite foods but there’s some good form you need to use when you’re eating to limit the damage that any type of food might cause.

Cut Food Smaller

While you may be dying to dive right into a big sandwich or a piece of cake, cutting your food into smaller pieces is one of the best ways to care for yourself and your braces. These smaller pieces also help widen the foods you can eat throughout your time with braces. While you may not be able to enjoy crunchy granola bars even if they’re cut into bite-size pieces, once you get past the sensitive stage of your teeth, smaller bites can open up a whole new world.

Chew Cautiously

When you’re eating, it’s best to be aware of what you’re eating and how you’re chewing. By slowing down and chewing cautiously, you can determine exactly how your braces feel and if anything is causing you pain. Instead of just chewing without thought or regard, slowing down will give you the chance to evaluate how you feel.

Use Your Back Teeth

Even with soft foods, use your back teeth to chew. This can help eliminate sensitivity and keep the majority of debris going down your throat rather than lingering at the front of your mouth around your wires and other paraphernalia.


There’s no better remedy for eating anything than brushing afterward! By brushing your teeth after you’re done eating, no matter what you’re eating, you’ll clean a lot of it away. Flossing immediately after you brush will clean out the rest of the debris and you’ll keep your teeth healthy and your braces from hurting.

Be Strict

Keep your meals full of soft foods that are easy to chew. Avoid biting things that are harder or more solid like veggies and fruits that are raw or meats that are tougher. Anything sticky or pokey will cause issues so be strict with yourself when choosing your next meal plans.


Living with braces can be difficult but when you keep careful track of the types of foods you can eat with braces, it becomes a lot easier. Avoiding foods that are hard, chewy, or pokey can keep your mouth from hurting more and causing your braces to become unaligned throughout the time you have them. Opting for softer foods is a good way to avoid anything that can cause issues.

Simple things like cutting smaller bites for your food and chewing cautiously help you monitor any pain or issues you be experiencing with your braces. Brushing your teeth immediately after you’re done eating will wash away some of the debris that may be lingering even after consuming soft foods.

Caring for your braces doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t mean you need to cut out all of your favorite foods!