Many teens with braces worry about how their peers see them or they’re worried about people making fun of them for having braces. Braces can hinder self-confidence, especially in teens since these are important years for building relationships and self-confidence.

Braces are a common part of teenhood though. Almost every teen has braces at some point or another. Your kid shouldn’t worry about getting braces as chances are they have several friends that have braces or are getting braces soon.

Plus, at the end of a few years of wearing braces, your kid will have a lifetime of perfectly straight teeth. If your child is concerned about how their braces appear, there are a few things they can do to make them more fashionable.

Many teens get colter bands or Invisalign for teens to make the braces better for their personality. Adult braces are also common. With everyone wearing braces, they are not out of style.

Colored Bands

Colored bands are one of the main fashionable ways your teen can make their braces for their personality more. Many teens wear colored bands. They are a great fashion accessory. Some kids choose to get their favorite color while others choose a color that they wear often so that their braces match their outfits.

Each time you get your braces tightened, you can switch the band. This means you can change the color as many times as you want if you want to choose a new one each time. You can also pick the same color if you find one you really like.

Colored Brackets

Some people also choose colored brackets to go along with their colored bands. This trend is becoming more and more popular. You can either choose the same bracket color or you can alternate them depending on the style you’re looking for.

Keep in mind though the colored brackets cannot be changed once they are put on. They are glued onto your teeth until you get braces removed. Make sure to choose your color wisely. Colored brackets can improve your facial aesthetics and give you a unique appearance.

Not every orthodontist has colorer brackets. Make sure you tell your doctor ahead of time if your child is wanting them so they can prepare and order them. They might also have a guide so you can see the colors and choose which one you might like.

Invisalign for Teens

If your child does not want metal braces, you might want to see if the doctor has Invisalign. Invisalign is not for everyone. You will need to qualify for Invisalign. This is usually if you have mild dental problems. Invisalign is invisible and will not show like metal braces. This is much better for those that might be embarrassed about traditional braces.

These are plastic molds of your teeth that are worn the same way you might wear a mouth guard. You will take them out every time you brush your teeth or eat. For this reason, they can get lost. You will need to make sure your child has a specific case to keep track of their Invisalign molds.

Invisalign is often more expensive than braces. You will need to see if it’s in your budget. Your doctor will be able to go over all the financial options with you so you can see if Invisalign is a possibility.

If you use Invisalign, you also don’t need to have a braces kit. These kits come with wax, special tools for cleaning, and floss. It makes it easier to clean and floss your teeth with the braces on. With Invisalign though, you will just remove the trays and brush your teeth like normal.

Without needing a kit, you can travel easier and as a parent, not worry about your kid leaving a piece of the kit somewhere.

Colored Wires

If you don’t want colored brackets or bands, you can go with colored wires. They are often more subtle and draw less attention. You can change the color of wires on your teeth, unlike the brackets. You can always switch them out to alternate your look which can be a nice fashion statement.

You can also get colored wires in addition to colored brackets and bands. Getting the same dolor is often easier to match. Many people will get different colors though to make more of a statement.

If your child is wanting colored wires, you can help them decide which one might be the best look for them. You can also go clothes shopping with them for the new school year so they can get wires to match their new clothes.

Using the Seasons 

One of the best parts about colored brackets, wires, and bands is that you can coordinate them with the season. Sometimes teens get their school colors or the colors of the college they plan to go to. You can also get colors for holidays that are coming up if you have a favorite holiday. Many teens can be seen doing red and green at Christmas time.

Doing your school colors and holiday colors is a great way to decorate your mouth and make yourself more festive!

Permanent Retainers

Another option for getting straight teeth if you prefer not to show colors in your mouth is to get a permanent retainer. These go behind the teeth and keep the teeth straight. They are better than needing to wear a plastic or metal retainer all the time.

You can keep permanent retainers in the mouth for decades and no one will even notice they are there. Since you don’t remove them, it’s also impossible to lose them and you will have one less thing to keep track of.

Final Thoughts

Braces for teens are a must if your child wants straight and good-looking teeth. There are many ways you can make them more fashionable. If you prefer them to be invisible, you can get Invisalign or clear brackets.

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