Considering orthodontic care for your children can feel like a very daunting task. There are many practices to choose from when pursuing braces in New Jersey. Choosing a practice is very much like choosing a relationship; you are going to be spending a lot of time at appointments and will be making important decisions together about your child’s care. So make sure you choose the right partner.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing an orthodontist for braces in New Jersey. Some things to consider are practical, others are financial or even emotional. Let’s take a look at these 7 things that are important to consider when your child needs braces in New Jersey.

How Accessible is the Orthodontist?

Accessibility is a must when you’re considering kids braces. This means a couple of different things. First, the office staff should be available. When you call, does a staff member always answer? Are they friendly? Are they available to accurately answer any questions you may have? The staff is just as important as the orthodontist when considering which practice to go with.

The orthodontist should also be easily accessible. The orthodontist is the expert in charge, after all. You should feel comfortable and reassured that the orthodontist will be available and have time in their schedule to answer questions at appointments. They should also be able to explain new or changes in treatment to you and your child.

In short, you should simply feel heard every time you contact the office. Unanswered phone calls or voicemails that never get returned a huge red flag that you may eventually end up feeling forgotten during your child’s treatment.

How Much is the Cost of Treatment?

The cost is a huge piece to consider when choosing an orthodontist for kids braces, especially if that cost is going to be a particular burden for your family.

Healthcare isn’t necessarily an industry where you want to choose the cheapest option. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive either.

What you should consider is understanding the breakdown of the cost. In other words, where is your money going? This has a lot to do with how long the treatment is going to be and the types of treatments that are going to be used.

You will also want to make sure the orthodontics practice is able to work out a comfortable payment plan and schedule with you. Sometimes, dental insurance may pay a portion of the expense for braces. But the details can be tricky to understand. A practice that is willing to work with your insurance company and explain the details to you is an important factor to consider. The office staff should be happy to work out the details with your insurance and more than knowledgeable enough to explain it to you.

Does the Practice Schedule at Times that Work for You?

You should consider the entire work schedule of the practice before making a final decision. Think about school schedules, and classes that your child can’t or doesn’t want to miss.

Also factor in your work schedule if you’ll be taking time off. It seems like a minute detail to consider, but if your most convenient time for appointments are Friday afternoons, and an office is closed every Friday, you will probably want to consider looking elsewhere.

Talk with the provider about any holiday breaks or extended vacations when the entire office might be closed. It may not make a difference in your decision, but it is helpful to know what to expect.

What do the Local Residents Think?

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools when searching for kids braces in New Jersey. When a patient and their family are happy, they usually love talking about their experience. But it works both ways. If a family had a negative experience, they’ll likely want to share that with others as well.

Check the provider’s website for reviews. But take it a step further and do an internet search for more information. Also, check with friends and family. Parents from your child’s class are also a great resource for reviews of orthodontists, as a lot of kids often start the orthodontic process around the same ages.

What Types of Treatments do They Offer?

Is your child determined to have Invisalign braces? Then you’ll want to make sure your orthodontist provides them (and your child is a good candidate for them).

But consider what other types of treatments they offer as well. It’s helpful to understand what treatments and technologies the practice has available. If the options seem limited they might be behind the curve.

Does Your Child Feel Comfortable There?

Above all else, does your child feel comfortable? Even if every other box is checked, if your child feels uncomfortable with a certain orthodontist or their staff, then it’s probably not the right fit. Getting braces is a big adjustment for kids. It can be painful at first and they’ll likely have a lot of questions. They may even be nervous or scared.

Consider the relationship your child is going to have with their provider. When you meet for a consultation watch to make sure the orthodontist and staff acknowledge your child and make them feel heard and comfortable.

Do YOU feel comfortable?

Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the orthodontics process. If you’ve considered each of these points and found an orthodontist that checks all the boxes then it may be time to move forward! Do your research, ask all the questions, and go with your gut after gathering every piece of information you can.


If you’re considering braces for your child in the Hamilton Square area, we are ready to check all your boxes! Our staff is passionate about the relationships we make while caring for your child. We are happiest when you and your child are happy and can’t wait to begin this journey with you.