When you get braces, it can be exciting to choose the color of the brackets. For kids, it is common that they will want to choose their favorite color. In fact, even teens or adults will want to choose their favorite color for their braces.

However, that may not be the best idea. There are certain colors of braces that are better than others. Some colors make your teeth look great while others… not so much. Let’s take a look at the factors that you should consider when choosing a color for braces.

What Kinds of Colors Can You Choose for Your Braces?

Essentially, you can choose any color that you want for your braces. You can even get several colors in a pattern. When getting braces for kids or even teen braces, it can be a fun idea to get school colors as the bracket colors. Just remember that some colors look a lot better than others.

1. Creating an Invisible Look

Not everyone wants their braces to be super obvious and would rather for their braces to be invisible. While metal braces can’t be fully invisible, choosing certain colors with your braces color chooser can create an illusion of invisibility.

If you want your braces to be less visible, choose silver or another tooth color for your braces. We recommend that you avoid the color white as the white of brackets tends to be a lot more pristine than the natural color of teeth. Choosing white brackets can make your teeth look more yellow.

2. Be Festive

For some, it doesn’t matter how their teeth look as long as they like the colors. In this case, go all out and be festive. At the braces color chooser, think about school colors, holiday colors, or seasonal colors so you can be festive and on theme at any time.

If you get green braces during March, you won’t have to be worried about getting pinched on Saint Patrick’s day. All you have to do is give a big smile. If your school, for adolescent braces, has competitions on who has the most school spirit, your on-theme braces can help you win.

3. Getting White Teeth

While some colors of braces make your teeth look more dirty and yellow, other colors can make your teeth look whiter. This is thanks to color theory and using certain colors to cancel out the natural yellow in your teeth.

Do remember that no one’s teeth are naturally super white. It is completely normal to have your teeth be a little bit yellow and that is nothing the be ashamed of. However, if you are looking to have the illusion of whiter teeth, consider the following.

Darker blues and purples will create contrast and make your teeth look whiter. This is because blue is the contrasting color of yellow and the two will cancel each other out. Some shades of purple can also do this. Then, by choosing darker versions of these colors, it makes the white in your teeth look brighter by comparison.

Avoid white and yellow braces as both of these colors will make your teeth look more yellow.

4. A Professional Setting

For adult braces, needing to make sure you still look professional at your workplace can be a very important factor when looking at the braces color chooser. At the workplace, you won’t want to get lots of bright colors across your teeth.

Instead, consider getting silver or tooth-colored braces look to make your braces look invisible. You can even get clear braces that remove the look of braces from your teeth. This makes being at the workplace less noticeable. Besides, you may not want to be an adult who still has braces, and using invisible looks can boost your confidence. 

5. Match Your Lip Color

Many women want to have their braces match the colors of their lips. This creates a cohesive look that can make your braces seem intentional and cute. Pink is an incredibly popular color for braces, especially for women and girls.

By matching your lip color, your braces become an accessory that can elevate your look. Of course, you can get braces color in a similar color to the lipstick you wear often. Own your braces color and have it always match your look.

6. Consider Your Style

Related to our previous point, consider choosing a color of braces that matches a lot of the outfits you wear. If you are always wearing red, you may not want to have green braces unless it’s December.

Own your braces by making them a color that you wear often. That way, it never clashes with your outfit and you can own it like it is just another accessory.

7.  Consider Your Skin Undertones

Use fashion rules on your braces. People have different undertones in their skin that make different colors look better than others. Use this idea to choose the color of your braces. For example, if you have warm undertones, choose a braces color in a warm color. Same for cool undertones.

Keeping your skin tone in mind can help you find a braces color that is flattering, even if it doesn’t cancel out the yellow in your teeth.

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