Best time to get braces

No kid, or adult, wants to get braces. Having to go through the difficult process of having metal in your mouth can be daunting. Though the eventual results are great for you or your child’s self-esteem, having braces for an extended period of time can be rough for young kids and adults alike.

Many parents have been there too, and want to make having braces as seamless as possible for their children. Luckily, when trying to figure out when the best time to get braces is for your kids (or yourself), there’s a certain season that stands out: summer.

The “Right” Time?

There’s no real “right” time to get braces. Having them requires quite a bit of upkeep and can even involve pain. The final product of gorgeous teeth makes the process worth it, but kids and adults alike usually don’t want to have to fit keeping up with braces maintenance into their busy schedules.

However, if you ask someone to come up with a time that has less worries, less obligations, and more freedom, most people would exclaim, “summer!” Though braces aren’t the most common way to beat the heat, there’s a number of reasons that summer is the best time to get braces.

No School

For kids, summer means free time, playdates, and fun. Your child will likely object to adding braces to this amazing agenda but not having school to deal with makes summer a perfect time to get them.

With getting braces in the summer, you won’t have to schedule orthodontic appointments around school time, meaning that your child won’t have to miss class for consultations and cleanings.

This is great for parents, teachers, and kids alike, as your child won’t be missing important lessons or have to make up any quizzes or tests. Additionally, your kid’s braces won’t be a topic of discussion among classmates when your child shows up to school one day with a mouth full of metal.

If you’re thinking about getting adult braces, summer is a great time to do so as well. With less work to worry about, no kids to chauffeur to school, and more vacation time, you’ll be able to schedule appointments without losing hours at your job or overlooking other obligations.

The Adjustment

Getting braces is a huge adjustment that requires a lot of upkeep. You or your child will be dealing with wax, rubber bands, and diet changes- things you have probably rarely thought about before.

However, summer is undoubtedly the best time to get braces as you or your child will have more personal time to learn your new braces upkeep schedule and adjust to any new feelings in your mouth.

For parents, you’ll have extra hours in the day (and hopefully some time off of work) to teach your child about maintaining their braces. For kids, they’ll have less worries with class and extracurriculars and be able to more efficiently learn how to take care of their teeth.

Social Factors

Kids’ braces certainly have less stigma attached to them than adult braces. Almost every child is familiar with braces and knows that they may have to get them at some point during their childhood. However, the procedure is less common in adults, as most teeth problems are addressed during your younger years.

For children at school, getting braces during the summer means that only their close friends and family will know about their newest oral accessory. Until they go back to school in the fall, they can avoid being made fun of by their peers. It’s also likely that if they get braces over the summer, no one will remember that they didn’t already have them, avoiding the teasing altogether.

For adults, on the other hand, it’s more likely that your peers won’t say anything about your braces. They’ll probably only comment once you’re done with the procedure and let you know how great your teeth look. Still, even adults want to avoid the double-takes that people can’t help but do when they notice you have braces.

With getting braces in the summertime, you and your child will probably be able to avoid seeing as many people as you do in other months of the year. You can feel confident that close friends and family will only have positive things to say about your new procedure.

Growing Kids

In addition to the easy schedule that summer provides, there is also some scientific data to back up why summer is the best time for kids to get braces. Generally, the best time to straighten kids’ teeth is during periods of growth.

Children typically go through random growth spurts and then set into a period of lagging until the next one. However, studies have shown that kids’ growth spurts happen consistently during the longer days of summer.

This is most likely due to a certain gland interacting with the longer days and heat of summer. Regardless of what the cause is, it’s a great additional reason to get braces just before those extremely hot days start.

Summer Snacks

Searching for a reason to get those kids convinced that braces are a good idea? Two words: ice cream. Though most braces providers in Central NJ, including ourselves, wouldn’t technically recommend the sugary treat, it is still on the list of braces-safe foods.

Adults and children alike can continue to enjoy soft-serve ice cream (in moderation) while they have braces, as it’s certainly not among the harder foods that can damage your orthodontic additions. Whether you’re getting adult braces or kids’ braces, rest assured that you won’t have to restrict yourself or your kids from enjoying the delicious treat during those hot summer days.


It’s never quite the right time to get braces, as our schedules are always full and minds always occupied. However, getting braces during the summer is truly the best route to take for both adults and kids. Whether your motivation is sweet treats, less worries, or avoiding potential stigma, getting braces during the hottest of days is the best way to do it.

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