Introducting the New iTero Scanner at Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics!

At our practices in Bordentown, NJ and Cream Ridge, NJ, we provide our patients with the most state of the art technology for effective and efficient treatment results. Dr. Yana V. Newman now uses the high-tech iTero 3D scanner to create custom-fit Invisalign aligners. The use of the iTero scanner eliminates the need to take conventional impressions which can be messy and bulky….and there’s no chance of gagging with them.

How does the iTero scanner work?

With the iTero scanner, Dr. Yana Newman is able to take a 3D digital scan of the teeth and bite. This provides her with an incredibly accurate image eliminating the need to use conventional impressions.

The digital impression is created when the iTero hand-held wand is used to scan the teeth. The super cool part is that the patient is able to see the impression of his or her mouth as it is taken, since it is displayed on a nearby screen. This allows the patient to be a part of the treatment process and get a true feel for the development of the aligners and treatment planning process.

What are the benefits of the iTero Scanner?

Some of the benefits of the iTero scanner are:

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Pin-point precision accuracy
  • Consistently excellent digital scans
  • Predictability
  • Digital impressions are transferred immediately and there is no shipping time
  • Less need for re-takes as with conventional impressions
  • Better fitting aligners

The benefits of the iTero scanner extend, not only to the patient, but to the entire team, including Dr. Yana Newman, at Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics. As the patient, you will be a lot more comfortable as we obtain your impressions and our team is thrilled because it’s a much more efficient and enjoyable process for everyone. Dr. Yana Newman is particularly thrilled, because the laboratory making the Invisalign aligners will receive the incredibly accurate and detailed scans a lot quicker than if they were sent by regular mail. In the end, that means you, as the patient, receive your aligners quicker and start treatment sooner! And, due to the accuracy of the impression you are assured that the aligners will fit great which will result in superior treatment results.

If you would like more information about the iTero scanner or the Invisalign System, please click below to schedule an appointment or call us at either of our locations in Bordentown, NJ and Cream Ridge, NJ. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have prior to your first visit.