How great does it feel when you make someone else smile? Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling in the world?

There is a reason why people say that a smile is the most wonderful thing you can give someone. Whether you are giving someone your smile or causing them to smile at you, making someone smile is a deeply powerful, genuine, and lovely thing.

But what about your smile? How do you find ways to take care of your smile, keep it healthy and happy, and make sure you give it to as many people as possible? When you smile for the world, you are letting them see you in the most genuine and wonderful way. It’s a terrific feeling to really, truly smile. Don’t ever forget just how powerful your smile is. And if you follow these tips, you will be smiling a lot more often – and adding a lot more joy to the world.

Remember How Beautiful a Smile Is

Some people don’t have the straightest or whitest smiles in the world. In fact, some people are very self conscious about their smile and how it looks. However, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: a smile is a beautiful thing to behold. The act of seeing someone smile with enthusiasm is so uplifting and joyful. Studies have shown that people fall in love with smiles almost instantly. In fact, a study found that 58% of men and 71% of women judge the opposite sex first based on the appearance of the smile.

Yes, smiles say a lot about people and they are very, very attractive to most. Even if you aren’t super confident in your smile and how it looks, remember that other people feed on the genuine nature of a smile and what it says about you. Smiles are beautiful and science proves it!

Practice Often

If you want to harness your smile, you need to teach yourself how to do it. Some people don’t smile often – or sometimes at all. There are a number of reasons why people don’t smile as much as they should. Some people work all the time, are always busy, are doing very serious and stressful things. Let’s be honest, life can be tough and it sometimes feels like there isn’t enough time for smiling and being happy.

It is important that you remember how good it feels to smile. As silly as this sounds, that means you might need to make time to smile. Maybe you need to force yourself to smile for a few minutes. Maybe you need to watch a favorite comedy film or pick up the phone and call the person who makes you happiest. Whatever you must do, it’s important that you “practice” smiling. Practice the act of smiling and you will soon find that you will be doing it more and more often.

Practicing smiling is a great way to get in the habit of feeling good and showing that wonderful feeling to others. And that is good because, as we will discuss later, smiles and happiness are contagious.

Be Genuine About It

No one likes a fake smile, just like no one likes a fake laugh. An important way to harness all of the power and beauty of your smile is to always be genuine about it. While it is important to practice smiling, you should never force it. Never fake a smile, because it is obvious and it doesn’t do anything good for you!

If you fake your smile too often, you will find that you will start doing it too often. It will become a habit and that is not a habit you want to have. If you make sure that you are only smiling when you really mean it, it will feel better for you and it will also feel better for the people who are lucky enough to see it too. People can tell when a smile is legitimate and truly earned, just like they can tell when it is fake. Make sure you never pretend when you are being happy and joyful.

Smiles are Contagious

Here is something important to remember: smiles and happiness and joy are contagious. When you are feeling good, others around you will start feeling good too. Humans can feel when there is joy around them, just like they can feel when someone is really unhappy around them too.

One of the most powerful things you can do for other people is smile for them. Think of all the times you have smiled at a stranger and they have smiled back. Think of how hearing someone else’s laughter and joy can make you feel warm and wonderful inside. These are examples of happiness spreading in the best ways. And a smile is a representation of true happiness.

Take note of how others respond to you when you smile. You will see more people around you smiling and you will start to feel real happiness too. It will spread like wildfire and it can all be because of you!

Keep It Healthy and Happy

Your smile is only as powerful as its condition. If you want to smile often, you need to have a smile that feels good. There is a lot of things you can do to make sure your smile is feeling great and is staying as healthy as possible. Whether you need to get teen braces, visit a pediatric orthodontist as a youth, have a palatal expander installed, get Invisalign, or do something else, you should do what it takes to keep your smile performing like it should.

There are plenty of orthodontists in New Jersey but you should rely upon a team that will take care of your mouth and help it feel and look exactly like it should. When you take care of your smile, you will feel true self confidence and joy. After that, you will soon be smiling more and feeling happier far more often too.