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orthodontic treatment

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Looking for orthodontic treatment? There are many important questions to ask yourself while preparing for treatment. Do you need braces? What options do you have available? And probably the most frequent question- how long is this going to take? The orthodontics team at Bordentown Braces can give you accurate timelines for what to expect during […] Read More

Invisalign Teen

The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Teen for a Teenager

Teenagers have a lot on their plates these days- school, sports, part-time jobs, and spending time with friends. Most teenagers don’t want to take the time to get metal braces put in their mouths. Many teens worry about how braces would affect their image too. However, Invisalign teen is perfect for teenagers’ busy lives, plus […] Read More

Letter To Patients

What to Expect When we Return We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. We want to provide an update on the actions that we are […] Read More

age for braces

What Is The Right Age For Braces?

Any age is the right age for braces. Although in the past braces were often associated with children and teenagers, at least 1 in 5 modern recipients are adults interested in improving their oral health and wellness. The oral and dental health benefits remain the same no matter how old a patient is, and people […] Read More


9 Ways to Help Your Kids Wear Braces with Pride

If you wore braces as a child, you know how difficult it can be for kids to become accustomed to the idea. Braces are often associated with pain and restrictions when it comes to eating and drinking. However, there are plenty of ways to help your kids become excited about wearing braces. Check out these […] Read More

Invisalign Teen

What is Invisalign Teen and How Can It Improve a Teenager’s Self-Esteem?

It is difficult being a teenager. In addition to the body undergoing numerous changes, teenagers often feel increased societal pressure to fit in, stand out, and manage social, academic, and creative endeavors. It should be no surprise that teenagers also experience lower self-esteem than people of other ages. Many teenagers fear undergoing orthodontic treatment because […] Read More

keep your kids healthy

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy When Stuck Inside

The recent COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions have left many children out of school and parents stranded at home, unable to go to work. This places many families in duress, especially those who might be struggling from recent food and paper product shortages. Many people are concerned about helping their kids remain healthy and in good […] Read More

early orthodontics

Why Early Orthodontics Intervention Is Crucial to Your Child’s Teeth

Early orthodontic intervention can help your child avoid years of pain and heartbreak by treating common and even rare developmental issues early. Almost all developing orthodontic issues can be treated and corrected early if they are caught in time.  At Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics, our skilled orthodontist Dr. Newman recommends children have their […] Read More

benefits of braces

Top 6 Long Term Health Benefits of Braces

People often choose to wear braces because of the physical benefits. Straighter teeth are considered more attractive, but there are also many long term health benefits of braces that mean having a happier, healthier smile long after treatment is done. 1. Gum Disease Prevention One of the most significant long term health benefits of wearing braces […] Read More

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