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adolescent braces

6 Things to Know About Adolescent Braces

Getting braces during adolescent years can improve the overall quality of oral health, but it may be a troublesome time if you’re not sure what to expect. Adolescent braces offer a wide variety of options and experiences, so you have the choice to select the braces that’ll fit you and your lifestyle the best. And […] Read More

pediatric braces

The Basics of Pediatric Braces

Pediatric braces are a treatment for children who have jaw or teeth misalignments. Kid’s braces are installed by an orthodontist who will continue to treat the child until the treatment is over. Depending on the type of orthodontist you go to, they can remain the primary treatment source well into adulthood as well. The process […] Read More

kids braces

Why Kids Braces Are the Right Choice For Your Child

You might be on the fence about if you need to get your child braces or not. Maybe your child’s teeth are a little crooked, and you’re wondering if they’ll just straighten themselves out and if it’s worth the time and money it takes to get braces. Pediatric braces are becoming more common as parents […] Read More

braces for kids

The ABCs of Braces for Kids

When you have braces there is a lot of information that you might be curious about. However, it can be hard to take it all in at once. We broke down the important stuff in this list, you can check it out easily. If you are looking for braces in New Jersey, then be sure […] Read More

virtual learning

8 Tips To Help Your Kids Adapt to Virtual Learning

Many parents are choosing to switch their kids over to virtual learning because of the pandemic. However, learning from home is a completely different experience than learning in a school setting. How can you help your kids adapt? We gathered some tips to help you get your kids settled into their online classes. Let us […] Read More


7 Youth Sports That Require Mouthguards

Did you know that there are mouthguards that can go over braces? This is important if you have any children playing sports with an orthodontics treatment in their mouths. With so many kids participating in sports today, the chance of receiving an injury has gone up. 10 to 20% of those sports injuries occur in […] Read More

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