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7 Youth Sports That Require Mouthguards

Did you know that there are mouthguards that can go over braces? This is important if you have any children playing sports with an orthodontics treatment in their mouths. With so many kids participating in sports today, the chance of receiving an injury has gone up. 10 to 20% of those sports injuries occur in […] Read More

facts about orthodontics

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Orthodontics

Improving your smile through orthodontic treatment is a serious business, but there is a fun side to it too! There are plenty of facts that you can tell your friends to keep things interesting for you. Here are 10 fun facts about orthodontics! 1. NASA Wiring The nickel-titanium in some braces was developed by NASA […] Read More

adult braces

The Case for Getting Adult Braces

Getting orthodontic care as an adult might be overwhelming to some. However, there are plenty of great reasons as to why you should go through with the treatment. If you are looking for an orthodontist in New Jersey, you should know that we have many options for you. We do offer traditional wired braces, but […] Read More

early orthodontic treatment pros and cons

Guide to Early Orthodontic Treatment Pros and Cons

Early orthodontic treatment can sometimes be concerning for parents.Usually, parents are worried about their child getting braces when they still have their baby teeth. However, there are a good number of pros to go against this. Here are all the pros and cons of early orthodontic treatment, so that you can stay informed. The Pros […] Read More

early orthodontic treatment

6 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

You might have heard that early orthodontic treatment is more effective than receiving treatment later on in your life. Braces in young kids and teens do tend to catch more potential issues- fixing them before they become a problem. If you are looking for a pediatric orthodontist in NJ, then you have found the right […] Read More

palatal expanders

Palatal Expanders Vs. Braces – What’s The Deal?

What is a palate expander? Do I need one to get braces? Are they the same thing? All these kinds of questions may start running through your head when an orthodontist or dentist says you need a palate expander for your braces. It can be confusing to be given terms without any explanation of what […] Read More

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