The recent COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions have left many children out of school and parents stranded at home, unable to go to work. This places many families in duress, especially those who might be struggling from recent food and paper product shortages. Many people are concerned about helping their kids remain healthy and in good shape while being stranded indoors. However, there are numerous ways you can ensure your children and mentally and physically fit from the comfort of your home. These include paying more attention to nutrition, taking advantage of virtual visits, and scheduling regular exercise.

1. Focus on Nutrition

One of the greatest mistakes a family can make while being confined indoors is not paying attention to the nutritional content of the food they are eating. While it might be tempting to stock up on cheap, easily consumed food, such options often contain excess fat, sugar, and sodium that will erode the teeth and thicken the waistline.

To keep your kids healthy, plan out meals and be sure to have some healthy snacks on hand. Frozen fruits and vegetables contain just as much nutrition as fresh ones, and canned options with minimal salt and sugar can be excellent choices for meals. Buying frozen meat and preparing food from scratch can also help you avoid unwanted additives.

If you have kids that like to snack, try to limit what is available and how much they can have. Crackers are great, but they only have carbs and salt. Try to have healthier alternatives like apples or cut veggies on hand, and encourage mindful eating.

Are they eating because they are hungry, or are they just bored?

2. Take Advantage of Virtual Visits

Are you worried about visiting the doctor, dentist, or orthodontist because of the increased risk of contracting COVID-19? This is a legitimate concern. To mitigate potential patient exposure, offices like Bordentown braces now offer virtual visits designed to address your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to describing the symptoms you are experiencing, our great orthodontist in Robbinsville, NJ, has figured out a system where you can take pictures of the teeth to show any potential issues. All you will need are some basic items around the house and someone to take the photos. These can be uploaded and sent straight to our office, where a professional can see them. Even if you are not a current patient, this system is available to help you reach out and receive assistance with pressing orthodontic issues related to oral health and braces for kids.

Even if straighter teeth are not your greatest concern right now, it is still possible to receive a quick consultation and get the ball rolling so you are prepared when quarantine ends.

Plus, Bordentown Braces is not the only office moving online. If you need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, it is easy to find options in the area by doing a quick online search and planning ahead.

3. Plan Exercise and Physical Activity

Being cooped up inside makes it easy to be lazy and neglect physical activity. However, exercise is essential for people of all ages. Even if going to the gym or the park is not a valid option, there are still plenty of forms of exercise you can do to keep you and your kids healthy and strong.

One of the simplest forms of indoor exercise is dancing. It is something simple and fun that doesn’t require a ton of skill or experience. To help your kids stay active, schedule regular indoor dance parties. Put on some music everybody likes and get jiggy with it.

Even if your kids don’t like dancing, there are other options like aerobics, jump rope, and simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. Older children who are already involved in sports can practice in the yard. If you don’t have a yard, they can watch YouTube videos of exercise tutorials and practice the moves to get their physical activity in.

Remaining active is essential to staying healthy, so don’t neglect this step!

4. Don’t Hang Out With Other Families

Although a quarantine is in effect, many parents are still trying to arrange play dates or group hangouts. Some even cite being inspired by the ‘chicken pox parties’ of the 1950s and 60s. However, COVID-19 is not something that people should try to spread, as it can be deadly no matter a person’s age.

Although it is tempting, don’t hangout with other families or the neighbors. Limit your kids’ interaction with others, and don’t go out in social spaces when it is unnecessary.

Just like you can have virtual visits with doctors and orthodontists, it is possible to have online hangouts with friends. Set up a webcam and allow kids to use the computer or a phone to chat with their friends and spend time catching up. It doesn’t have to be all the time, and honestly extra socializing can help kids adjust to the new situation.

Don’t have a webcam or video technology? Just use a regular phone and call other people regularly. You can plan fun events and hangouts for when the quarantine is lifted and it is safer to have crowds of people.


Being stuck inside has made life challenging for many families around the world, including in the United States. Although it might seem difficult to keep your kids healthy when they are home all day, there are still plenty of options available. You can choose good food and nutrition, schedule and encourage mild physical activity, and even continue to visit your local orthodontist by taking advantage of modern technology. Most importantly, remember to remain calm. Children can become stressed just by noticing their parents or older siblings are worried, so it’s important to put on a brave face and keep life as normal as possible during this trying time. This encourages regularity and can limit anxiety for everyone.