Are you a Teen that has been wanting to straighten your teeth, but don’t want to deal with braces?

Then Invisalign Teen would be a perfect option for you. Orthodontic treatment used to mean having traditional braces where everyone noticed them as soon as you spoke or smiled.

For teens today Invisalign allows them to have orthodontic treatment and achieve the healthy, straight and beautiful smiles that they can be proud of. There’s no more worrying about braces for high school yearbooks!

With Invisalign Teen, Dr. Yana Newman, and her team at Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics, will allay some of your concerns and answer all your questions about orthodontic treatment.

Since, Invisalign Teen aligners are made out of a clear and smooth plastic material, it will be virtually unnoticeable to your friends and family. The aligners are incredibly comfortable, due to the fact that they are so smooth and thin. The aligners adapt closely over the teeth, so there isn’t anything bulky or sharp in the mouth.

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign Teen aligners is that they are specifically made to be removable when necessary. The aligners are taken out to eat and drink, so there is never a chance that food will be stuck inside of them.

Brushing is a snap too…. Invisalign Teen wearers can take out the aligners prior to brushing, which allows them to really be able to brush and floss adequately before replacing the aligners in their mouth. Throughout the course of treatment Invisalign teen patients can easily maintain excellent oral hygiene and minimize the risk of staining to the teeth.

Mom and dad, if you’re reading this, that means less arguing with your teen about proper brushing with braces. And, if you’re concerned whether your teen will wear the aligners enough….don’t worry anymore because there are compliance indicators on the aligners to tell Dr. Yana Newman how much the aligners are being worn. Invisalign Teen also includes 6 replacement aligners….so for the busy teenager on the go, if an aligner is accidentally lost or broken…NO PROBLEM!!!

Aside from the hygiene benefits of Invisalign Teen, the aligners also allow the patients to continue doing all the activities that they love. Sports, playing an instrument, singing and acting are all easily accomplished without the worry of broken brackets. The aligners will allow you to go about your day comfortably!

If your teen is apprehensive about having orthodontic treatment because they are concerned about the look and feel of braces, then Invisalign Teen treatment with Dr. Yana Newman at Bordentown Braces and Cream Ridge Orthodontics is definitely the right choice. Teens will be able to smile freely, not want to hide their smile as some do with braces, go about their favorite activities without change and still have all the advantages and benefits of going through orthodontic treatment. In the end they will have that beautiful, healthy and confident smile for a lifetime!

Invisalign Teen is still orthodontic treatment, so you want to be treated by a Board Certified Orthodontist, like Dr. Yana Newman, for optimal results. Dr. Yana Newman had an additional 3 years specialty training in orthodontics after completing 4 years of dental school and this reflects in her orthodontic knowledge, expertise and excellent treatment results.

For more information about Invisalign Teen, or to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Yana Newman, click below to send us a message or give us a call at one of our convenient locations in Bordentown, NJ and Cream Ridge, NJ. We love making you smile!!!!