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braces tightening pain

How to Deal With Braces Tightening Pain

Braces tightening pain is one of the most common complaints for those that wear braces. Every few weeks or months, you will need to go into the orthodontist clinic and get your braces tightened. This ensures your teeth are moving in the right direction and that the braces are doing their job. If you are […] Read More

retainer for mouth

How Does a Retainer for Mouthguard Differ From the Normal Kind?

If you’re searching for an orthodontist in Hamilton, NJ, Bordentown can assist you with whatever you might need for your mouth and teeth, including getting a retainer or mouthguard. They are two different things, though, so it’s important to know the difference to help ensure you are getting the right one. Our orthodontist can also […] Read More

orthodontics affordable

5 Forms of Payment That Make Orthodontics Affordable

If you are worried about your orthodontic treatments, you need not be affordable; you are not alone. Unfortunately, there are many orthodontists and dentists that overcharge for their services, making it near impossible for people to get the things they need to make their mouths healthy and in the best shape possible. If you’re searching […] Read More

teen braces

7 Perks of Getting Teen Braces Early

If you have teens or younger children, you might be wondering at what age they should get braces. If any of your children’s friends are getting braces, you might also be starting to think that now is the time to start looking into orthodontic work for your teens. But is it too early? Each dentist […] Read More

best orthodontist NJ

6 Reasons Bordentown Braces is the Best Orthodontist in Central NJ

When you are looking for the best orthodontist for you, or even the best orthodontist in NJ, there are many features to consider. How educated and experienced is the orthodontist? Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable? Does the office use modern technology to ensure you get the highest quality treatment? Are there multiple options for […] Read More

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