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Orthodontist Tips for Poking Wires from Braces

Even though wearing braces can serve a great long-term purpose, they can be extremely uncomfortable sometimes. Whenever you wear a contraption comprised of metal and wires, it’s bound to cause some discomfort in your mouth. However, as you adjust to braces, you won’t notice them as much unless the wires poke out. Then, the device […] Read More

adult braces

Middle Age Orthodontics and Adult Braces for Ages 40-60

How do middle-aged people go about getting orthodontic care? Believe it or not, middle-aged orthodontics is extremely common because people don’t have the opportunity to get braces or other treatments when they’re younger. However, this orthodontic care doesn’t only include braces.There are plenty of factors middle-aged orthodontic patients need to consider when it comes to […] Read More

pediatric orthodontists

A Full Guide to Choosing Pediatric Orthodontists in NJ

Choosing a pediatric orthodontist can be an overwhelming experience because you want the best for your child. Although there are plenty of pediatric orthodontists in NJ, that doesn’t mean they will all give you the experience your child deserves. The experience you give your child at an orthodontist’s office translates into their adult life and […] Read More

braces for kids

The Critical Importance of Braces for Kids

Braces are the thing that no kid ever seems to want, especially because getting braces often happens in middle school or high school, where your image is everything, and braces can lead to embarrassment. While most children don’t want braces, you can’t underestimate their importance. Here’s why you need to think about braces for your […] Read More

Brushing Teeth

Why Brushing Teeth is Non-negotiable

Brushing teeth daily is the most important part of your regular dental health routine. While it’s not uncommon to skip flossing, it is uncommon to skip brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth daily, you could have serious dental health complications that can cost thousands to fix. Refusing to brush your teeth can […] Read More

dentist pediatric

7 Markers of a Trustworthy Pediatric Dentist

Finding a pediatric dentist to help your child with their oral health concerns can be a stressful experience at first. It would be best if you had someone willing to work with your child and keep them comfortable during their appointment. Finding a bad dentist for your child can affect how they perceive dental visits. […] Read More

Thumb Sucking Teeth

How to Avoid Thumb Sucking Teeth

Thumb-sucking teeth are a common problem among kids and teenagers that are allowed to continue their thumb-sucking behavior. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stop your child from sucking at their thumb because you’re not always there to see what they’re doing. Chronic thumb-sucking can lead to severe oral health issues impacting your child’s life. […] Read More

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